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Why do we need to know about our Birth to know about our Life?

First thing you need to understand, what you call as life enters only during the time of delivery.
Second thing, what I call as life is eternal.

Knowing about birth will reveal great truths to you about your life. Knowledge about the starting point is very important for your travel. How you started. Why you started. Where you started. When you started. What for you started…will really help you to tune yourself to the original truth in your life. If your life is in tune with the purpose of your life you are living enlightenment.
Ordinary human beings think the moment they come out of their mother’s womb they are born. Some people say “No, no, the moment they are conceived they’re born. Some say the outer fresh air, the world is felt, they are born. There are so many theories.
The truth is you are born before even the idea of landing on the planet Earth happens. See your birth…what you think as birth…is only one incident in your whole life. I am trying to express some of the strong intense truths to you.
Birth, what you think as birth, is not the beginning. What you think as Death is not end. Please understand, in the whole life it is one part, what you think as birth, is only one incident.
You need to understand, with a little clarity, about the whole life, only then you can look into this birth and this death. We are repeating the same thing again and again and again. Unless you know you are repeating, you will not have the intelligence to stop repeating. Because we are in unconsciousness.
Why are we repeating? Because after the birth, before the death, we forget why we are born. We fall into unconsciousness. If we know the purpose, we will stop repeating. Man who forgets the purpose of his birth, between his birth and death, is an ordinary man, an unconscious man.
A person who very clearly remembers the purpose from birth until death, is a Jeevan Mukta.
A person who lives this life at least once, very clearly, knowing the purpose, in tune with the purpose, if he takes birth again and again, even if he takes birth, is called Avatara Parusha, incarnation.
So knowing the purpose of birth and secrets of birth plays a role in living Enlightenment.

In One Body Two Souls Cannot Stay
When a baby is being delivered, at that moment, your individual soul (individual reflection) happens in the body. You may be questioning me, No! Scientists are saying no, no, no, no, no. Inside the stomach, inside the womb of the mother the baby has a heartbeat, a life, everything, how can we say life enters only at the moment of delivery?
Please understand, whatever life is experienced by the baby inside mother’s womb is the extension of mother’s life. Physiologically baby is alive, heart is beating and body is functioning, all the organs are alive physiologically. That is true.
But in Consciousness, the soul reflects, enters the body, only when the baby is delivered. In one body two souls cannot stay. Please Understand: in one body, mother’s body, two souls cannot stay, two ways of thinking cannot happen. Two way of action cannot happen. So only when the delivery happens the soul enters the body. This is the first thing.
Second thing, what I call as life does not start when your body is delivered; when you get your body. What I call as life has started long before, it is equal unto eternity, much beyond the time.
Eternally you exist.

Time to time, situation to situation, your identity that only changes. All the ubothis added to you don’t bring suffering away from you. In Sanskrit we have a beautiful word, U bothi. Anything added to you. Your bio-memory is very honest, clear, alive. Living the life of straight alive bio-memory from the birth till you leave the body is Jeevan Mukta.
When I say you exist as life eternally, when you feel you exist as a person individually, why that life feels as individual, why this gap? The only thing which stops you from knowing your life’s purpose is fear and greed.
Knowing the purpose of birth will resolve thousands of wrong decisions you are making, wrong moves you are doing, wrong things happening around you and within you.
I. KENA UPANISAD, verse 2.5
iha cedavedīdatha satyamasti na cedihāvedīnmahatī vinaṣṭiḥ |
bhūteṣu bhūteṣu vicitya dhīrāḥ pretyāsmāllokādamṛtā bhavanti || 5 ||

If one has known and realized the Consciousness, Brahman here (even while living) in this world, then that is the Truth of Living Advaita. If one does not know and realize the Consciousness (while living) here, then a great destruction (of continuous birth, old age and death) awaits him.

Therefore, the wise, enlightened beings, having realized the Truth of oneness in all beings, and being liberated by rising beyond the ephemeral world of duality (ignorance), become immortal—become Consciousness, Brahman indeed.

Verse 5:
शुÈलो रƠः कृंणो धूॆः पीतः कǒपलः पाÖडुर इित । सƯधातुिमित कःमात्यदा देवदƣःय िåयाǑदǒवषया जायÛते॥ परःपरं सौàयगण×वात ु ्षǔÔवधो रसो रसाÍछोǔणतंशोǔणताÛमांसंमांसाÛमेदो मेदसः ःनावा ःनाåनोऽःथीÛयǔःथßयो मÏजा मÏ£ः शुबं शुबशोǔणतसयोगादावत ं तर् ेगभȾ ǿǑद åयवःथांनयित ।

It has white, red, black, smoky gray, yellow, tawny and pale as the colours. What are the seven dhātus (tissues) when Devadatta (any person) desires enjoyment of objects?

From the proper combination of qualities, six types of taste (rasa) emerge. From relish of food, blood is created, from it flesh, thence fat, bones, marrow, semen. By the combination of semen and blood the embryo (garbha) is born, and its growth is regulated by the heart (mother’s heartbeat as well as the embryo’s).

Verse 7
ऋतुकालेसूं योगादेकराऽोǒषतंकिललंभवित सƯराऽोǒषतंबुƪदुं भवित अधमासाßयÛतर र् ेण ǒपÖडो भवित मासाßयÛतरेण कǑठनो भवित मासƮयेन िशरः सपƭत ं ेमासऽयेण पादूवेशो भवित

When ready, on the joining [of the male and female], [the embryo] after [a day] and night is in a mixed (semi-fluid) state; after seven days it becomes a bubble; after a fortnight, a solid mass, and in a month, it hardens. In two months, it develops the head; in three months, the feet grow.

Verse 8
अथ चतुथȶमासेजठरकǑटूदेशो भवित । पÑचमेमासेपƵवृ ंशो भवित । षƵेमासेमखनािसकाǔ¢ौोऽाǔण ु भवǔÛत ।

In the fourth month, belly and hip are formed; in the fifth month, the backbone is formed; in the sixth month, nose, eyes and ears are formed.

Verse 9
सƯमेमासेजीवेन सयं ुƠो भवित । अƴमेमासेसवसर् पं ूणȾ भवित ।

In the seventh month comes intelligence (the Buddhi) which is ready to reflect consciousness.

In the eighth month, it becomes complete in every sense.

Verse 10
ǒपतूरेतोऽितǐरƠात्पुǽषो भवित । मातुः रेतोऽितǐरƠाǔ×Ƹयो भवÛ×युभयोबȸजतुãय×वाÛनपुंसको भवित ।

If the father’s seed is more potent, it becomes male; if the mother’s seed is stronger, it becomes female. If the seeds are equal, it becomes an intersexual (napu÷saka, neither male, nor female).

Verse 11
åयाकुिलतमनसोऽÛधाः खÑजाः कुÞजा वामना भवǔÛत । अÛयोÛयवायुपǐरपीǑडतशबƮ ु ैÚयाǔÙƮधा तनुः ःयाƣतो युÊमाः ूजायÛते॥

If at the time of impregnation, the parents are agitated, the child will be blind, crippled, hunch-backed or stunted. If the vital air moves around, the seed enters in two parts, resulting in twins.
This verse begins with the questions:
Q: Whence, sir is this life born?
A: The life (prana) is born from the Spirit (Atman, self)
Q: And how does it come into this body?
A: As in the case of a person there is this shadow extended, so it is in this case. By the action of the mind (in one’s previous existence) it comes into this body.
Whatever is one’s thinking (citta) therewith he enters into life (prana). His life joined with his heat, together with the self (atman) leads to whatever world has been fashioned (in thought).

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