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YOU, are the space for miracles!

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16th November 2013

YOU, are the space for miracles to happen.

The whole Cosmos was created when Mahadeva – Lord Shiva decided to create a space for the universe.  He created a space for the world to happen – the Hiranyagarbha, from which energy radiated, and this whole universe happened.

You can use the exact same technique, to create what you want in your life!

The Hindu tradition very beautifully says, “Your consciousness is the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer.  So, your consciousness is Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Sustainer), and Mahadeva (Rejuvenator).”  When you create a space by completing with all your self-doubts, the space simply becomes reality! 

How does Brahma create?  He does not go and carve something! He just creates the right space: ‘Let there be light!’  And there was light.  ‘Let there be a world!’  And there was the world.  So create the space for what you want, by visualizing it in the present. 

Creating the Right SPACE
Bringing your past hangover into the present is ‘Incompletion’ (non-fulfillment).  Bringing your future possibility into the present is ‘Space’.
 Bring your future possibility into the present and decide that you will not challenge the power of that space, but you will take the responsibility to fulfill that space. I tell you, bringing your past hangover into the present is “Incompletion” (non-fulfillment).  Bringing your future possibility into the present is “Space”.  

When you create a space, the first thing you will face is depression and distrust due to past failures – ‘How can this be reality?  I suffered too much!  I know it is not possible!’  Complete, complete with all the doubts that come up.

Next, you will have problems related to self-doubt. – ‘Can I create the space?’ ‘Will the space I create become reality?’ Again, complete with all the doubts and incompletions that happen in you. This is because of the confusion from past failures.

Please understand, when you tried to create the space earlier but were not successful, it because you have not followed the whole science properly. Do not doubt the space. Simply follow the science properly this time, that’s all.

Do not fight with the space you created.  Take responsibility for the space, by not being distracted by laziness, tiredness or boredom. Then, you will experience the inner space you created as reality.


Sit straight. Close your eyes.  Cognize your future possibility as the present reality.  Create a space for what you want.  Pick up one desire, one thing you want to make as reality and create the space for it.

Complete with all the self-doubts you have.  Complete with all the doubts about whether you can create the space or not.  Complete with all that.

After completing with all your self-doubts and creating the right space, declare that now you will take the responsibility for making the space into reality.  Complete with all the incompletions you have about responsibility.

Sit with the decision to make the inner space into reality with a deep feeling of responsibility.  Stop fighting with or challenging the inner space you created.  Instead, support and take responsibility for the inner space you created.

From Nithya Satsang, morning talk on 16th November 2013. For the full transcript, visit

For the YouTube video, visit


  1. Everybody in the world should take some time out and do this concentration exercise everyday at least for 5 minutes.

    I read somewhere that the comming decades will be of spiriturality.

  2. Yes Master, i do want create and be in India Again and go to My Tomb The Tag Mahal and then flight to Bidadi and see You Master and also go to The Holy Hill Thiruvannamalai with YOU. Of course I want to SEE Babaji.
    TO create a big kitchen for Reed my husband he is right now cooking all the India style food, we do have a small one and I just cleaning the dishes all day. The creation want someone who will clean up. I want Reed to come with me to India. That is it for now………….

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