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You are not just the body


His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda
From the morning Nithya Satsang, 23rd November 2013

Listen. There are two ways of thinking.

  • One, thinking that the body we are carrying is everything in our life. From morning till night, washing it, decorating it, painting it, clothing it, feeding it, putting it to sleep… nothing else goes on in your mind, nothing else gets into your system. That is one type of thinking, one kind of thing.
  • Second, understanding that you are centered on this body, but not only the body.

There is a group of people who think that they are only the body. There are a few intelligent people who understand that they are centered on the body. Please understand, You are centered on the body, but you are not only the body. The body is your center.

There are tons of things you do based on the body – relating with the world, relating with humanity, relating with nature, relating with everything in your life. Unfortunately, when you cognize that you are only the body, everything in your life gets corrupted. Your attitude towards others, your attitude towards humanity, your attitude towards the Cosmos, your attitude towards the universe, your attitude towards everything is corrupted.

Everything is not body. I am not saying you don’t have any relationship with your body. You have the same type of relationship with your body that you have with other people. The body is also another person in your life. So you are centered on the body.

‘I am centered on this body’ means – ‘When this body dies, I am not going to end, everything does not end, the curtain does not fall, it is not that everything is over’. Just this one understanding, if it gets drilled into you, if that becomes your cognition, and your default cognition starts functioning with the idea, ‘I am centered on this body, but I am not only the body’, then naturally you will look at the whole world and cognize, ‘Even if I see and enjoy a cow walking, a goat walking, it is beautiful! I don’t have to put that into my body to enjoy! If I see a fish jumping, that is great! I don’t need to drop that into my mouth to enjoy!’, the taste, the concept of enjoyment will completely change, the concept of fear will completely change, the concept of enlightenment will complete change, the concept of Completion will completely change, the concept of fulfillment will completely change!

The basic concepts you carry will completely change the moment you understand that you are centered on the body, not only the body. And the romance towards life will start expressing itself in you.

When you start feeling the romance towards life, you are a Sannyasi.

As a responsible Hindu Sannyasi leader, I am defining Sannyas. It may look very modern because of the words I am using, but I am telling you this is the most authentic definition of Sannyas. “When you have the romance towards life, you are a Sannyasi! When the romance towards life starts, with the right understanding that ‘you are centered on the body, not the body itself’, you are a Sannyasi!”

From Nithya Satsang, morning talk on 23rd November 2013. For the full transcript, visit

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