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SANNYAS – The Ultimate Lifestyle

His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda

His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda
18th November 2013

After Shankara, the Hindu Philosopher, there was never an open, public discussion or invitation to become a Sannyasi in the Hindu tradition.  Now, for the first time in around 2,500 years, I am going to systematically expand on all the different aspects and dimensions of Sannyas.  All human-beings, please listen – I am opening the doors of Sannyas for all of you.

The whole of India has been built by Sannyasis.  All the best things have been contributed to the Vedic tradition by Sannyasis, whether it is our architecture, art, culture or language; everything, everything, everything!  All the best things we have are from Sanyasis.  When I read the history of Akhadas, I read about the ten lakh Sadhus that existed.  Please understand, ten lakh Sadhus used to be Shaastra Dhaari Sannyasis, which means masters of the spiritual knowledge – the science of enlightenment, ‘Jeevan Mukthi’, and teaching it all over the world.

I tell you, Sannyas is one of the most powerful lifestyles, most “completely complete” lifestyles, most intelligent lifestyles, most enthusiastic lifestyles, most exciting lifestyles, most energetic lifestyles!  The possibility of being a high achiever is more in Sannyas.  The respect Buddhism commands all over the world is because of their Sannyas tradition, and still their education is kept alive through Sannyasis, still their knowledge is kept alive through Sannyas, still all the great sciences of Buddhism are kept alive through Sannyas, still all their temples and traditions are kept alive through Sannyas.

We need Shaastra Dhaaris, the intellectual teachers and preachers, who will go all around the world to teach the Science of Completion, who will teach the Science of Enlightenment. How much can I alone contribute, sitting in one corner of the world?How much can I do?  We need at least a million Sannyasis, ten lakh Sannyasis.

Sannyas IS
Sannyas is the lifestyle of living in the space of Completion and enriching everyone to be in the space of Completion..

Sannyas is the lifestyle of living in the space of Completion and enriching everyone to be in the space of Completion. Sannyas is the way spiritual knowledge is realized in an individual’s life.  Our whole Sangha should be a Sannyas-based Sangha.  Either you are a Sannyasi, or you are very clear that you missed Sannyas this time, but you will enrich the world to take up Sannyas.

Understand, it is time we revive Sannyas, we revive Mahanirvani Akhada, we revive the tradition of the Sannyas Sampradhaya.


From Nithya Satsang, morning talk on 18th November 2013. For the full transcript, visit


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