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Declare Your Freedom With SANNYAS!

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His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda
19th November 2013

Please listen to this story.

There once was a lion who lived in a forest near a flock of sheep. Every day, one of the sheep would come and stand in front of the lion, start a conversation, and then be killed and eaten. Every day, this would happen.

One day, a fox came to visit the lion, to eat some of the remaining meat. He got his food and he stated staying there.

After seeing this day in day out, after a week the fox really got surprised. He asked the lion, “How is it that every day without exception, a sheep comes to you, starts a conversation, spends some time with you, and then you kill that sheep and eat it? Again, the next day, at exactly the same time, another sheep comes! What is the secret?”

The lion just laughed and said, “It is nothing. One day I called the whole flock of sheep and made them believe that they are all lions; I hypnotized them all into thinking that they are all lions and all very powerful – that nothing can be done to them. With that mood, every day these fools come one by one come. I then kill them and eat them!”

Please understand, when the lion makes the sheep believe that they are lions, it is not a power for the sheep; it is a power for the lion! This is exactly how the media controls you – based on its own ideas of freedom; it makes you think that you are empowered. But the media is an organized lie! The media’s freedom is only the freedom of the media owners. It is the freedom of their ideas and vested interests. It is the freedom of the decision-makers, not you. When you believe in the media’s ideas of freedom, that they are your freedoms, you are in exactly the same space as the sheep!

A Sannyasi IS…
 A man who stands up courageously and declares, ‘I am not going to be exploited by any of this’, is a ‘Sannyasi’.

I tell you, whether it’s the media or the idea of money, or any political system, it is just the ignorance of society imposed on you. A man who stands up courageously and declares, ‘I am not going to be exploited by any of this’, is a “Sannyasi”. A “Sannyasi” is a person who declares, who says a clear “No!” “I am not interested in getting exploited! No! I am going to take responsibility for the purpose with which I happened.”

A Sannyasi knows that he has been blessed to happen on Planet Earth; he has come down to achieve Fulfilment, to achieve Enlightenment! Declare your Freedom!

From Nithya Satsang, morning talk on 19th November 2013. 

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