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Awakening you to you, is SANNYAS!

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His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda
20th November 2013

Knowingly or unknowingly, directly or indirectly, society’s ignorance is harassing you, society is constantly poking at you. Every response you give to the happenings of your daily life, every cognition you make, is an interpretation based on this social ignorance.

Please understand, when someone harasses you or attacks you, whether you fight back, or keep quiet, both are from social ignorance. You don’t keep quiet for the right reason. You don’t attack for the right reason. Whether you attack or keep quiet, as long as the response is from powerlessness, the social ignorance, you will continue to suffer.

See, if you beat your kids for some reason, and they start crying, just to pacify them you give them candy. That is exactly the way society treats you. It slaps you and takes away your original knowledge of you, your original state from you. When you start crying, it gives you a little money, a car, a house, and a post – head of the country, head of the society…an award, and then, just as excited kids put chocolate in their mouth and say, “My mom is great! My dad is great!” – You forget the original state which has been taken away from you. Reducing your taste to a cheaper level is the work of ignorance. Please understand – lowering your taste is ignorance.

If I have to define Maya or ignorance, I will define it in this way: ’Lowering your Taste‘. You are supposed to be drinking Amruta (nectar) and be in Samadhi! Instead, you drink alcohol and be in the ditch where the pigs lick your feet! And that is putting it very politely!! Ramakrishna used to say, “Because you cannot drink Ganga water, don’t drink the drainage water. Even if you die travelling towards Ganga to drink Ganga water, that is great; but don’t drink drainage water and be alive!”

Lowering your taste is ignorance. Reclaiming your original taste for life is ’Sannyas‘.

Lowering your taste is ignorance. Reclaiming your original taste for life is ’Sannyas‘. Sannyas is aligning your thinking to the ultimate possibility, aligning your thinking to the ultimate reality. Awakening all the different powers in you is Sannyas. Awakening all the various powers in you, awakening all the various possibilities in you, awakening all the various understandings in you, awakening all the various realizations in you, awakening all the various goals in you is Sannyas.

Please understand, awakening YOU to YOU is Sannyas. AWAKENING YOU TO YOU IS SANNYAS!

Sannyas is about dispelling the darkness in your being in every possible way. Raising your taste for life, not as per the societal standard, but as per the real reality! You are supposed to drink nectar and be in Samadhi. Instead, you drink cheap alcohol and be in the ditch! So, please understand, cognizing life from the right angle, from reality, is ‘Sannyas’.

Decide to evolve. Your decision to evolve, your declaration, ‘I am evolving, I am liberating myself from all the delusions and illusions, is Sannyas. Let us take the responsibility to enrich the world through Sannyas.

From Nithya Satsang, morning talk on 20th November 2013. For the full transcript, visit

For the YouTube video, visit

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