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Work out of inspiration – not out of worry










 If you observe closely, you will see that goals always create worry in us. When we move toward any goal, we move only with the worry about the results.

Krishna, an enlightened master from ancient India, beautifully says in the ancient Indian scripture, the Bhagavad Gita*, ‘The person who does not expect gain or loss from anything works happily with no need even for motivation.’

When you are worried about the results, the very worry affects the results. Because when you worry, your doing is affected. Work should always be done out of inspiration, never out of worry. The motivation for any work should be inspiration, not worry. Inspiration is an overflowing energy that expands your capacity to do things. It is completely energizing. Worry, on the other hand, is something that shrinks your capacity. It limits what you are capable of really

doing because it takes away your energy.

When you work out of worry, you are always bothered about the results. When you work out of inspiration, you are not bothered about the results. You are bothered only about doing the task to the fullest. Any task done with the energy of inspiration always turns out good results. Even if it doesn’t give the expected results, you won’t feel bad about it because you have received fulfillment simply by doing it. The ‘doing’ itself will fulfill you.

In today’s world, everything is measured by productivity. Even in that context you see right away that worry is a waste of time. It is the most non-productive activity.

The problem is that today’s world is so highly competitive. Everyone feels compelled to achieve. Everyone wants to be first. Everyone is worried that they might be last. Tell me, so what if you are last? Someone has to be last! You should worry only if you did not give it your best. If you gave your best, then there is nothing to feel bad about. In fact, if you can feel neutral about being last, you have achieved a much bigger thing than finishing in the first place. It is not a sign of failure, it is a sign of success at a different level.


* Bhagavad Gita – Ancient Indian scripture, delivered by enlightened master Krishna, and considered the essence of the Upanishads or scriptures. 

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