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Words cause stress


We do not realize how powerful our thoughts and words are. As we discussed earlier, various experiments like those on water by the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto*, show clearly that even water responds clearly to our words, thoughts and feelings. Over seventy percent of our body is made up of water and seventy percent of planet earth is covered with water. So you can imagine the power of words!

These experiments established beyond doubt what the Eastern mystics said centuries ago: As are your thoughts, so is your will. As is your will, so is your action. As is your action, so you become.

Don’t think that negative thoughts and words will only affect those against whom you express them. Understand clearly that these same thoughts and words will have an equal effect on you, the person who created them. Negativity does not merely affect others, it affects you first.


* Masaru Emoto – Japanese scientist and author of ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’ showing the effects of one’s thoughts and words on water and therefore on living beings.

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