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What is fear?

 Fear is a deeper dimension of worry. Worry can cause ulcers. Fear on the other hand can even destroy life. However, unlike worry without which life is possible, fear seems woven into our lives. It is possible to face fear without fear.

A person who we call courageous is not one without fear, but one who has learnt to face fear without fear. Fear is a form of energy inside us. That is why it cannot be destroyed. Energy can

neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another.

Understand, your fear is directly connected to your life energy.

Whenever you are facing a survival threat, you will see your fear rising and the adrenalin release happening in your body. That adrenalin release gives you so much energy that you can almost fly. We call it the fight or flight response – either you face the fear and fight, or you run away. There will be so much energy in your body the moment you face a survival threat. Whenever that threat is real, the swadhishthana chakra*, the seat of life, gets completely shaken!


* Swadhishthana chakra – Spleen energy center between base of spine and navel. Blocked by fear.

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