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Surrender and relax

When you clearly understand that you are part of the grand plan of Existence, no worry can take root in you. Existence is a live energy being. It has tremendous intelligence with which it runs the whole show. We are all part of it. The same intelligence that conducts Existence is available to us too. If we tune in to it, our actions will be fluid and spontaneous like the happenings of Existence. If we don’t tune into it, we will harbor worry and fear and remain closed.

There is so much to learn from Existence! Take animals, for example. Have you ever heard of worried sheep or cows? No! They conduct their lives like you. They are born, they reproduce, they find food, and they face death, just like human beings. You may say, ‘They don’t have to face the challenges that we have to face.’ What about their other activities like reproduction, facing death, etc.? Are they worried about all that? No! But these things happen to them too. So understand that Existence is running this whole macrocosm. It can surely take care of you as well!

Surrendering to the laws of Existence is the greatest relaxation from worry. Once you surrender, you start seeing that everything that happens is auspicious! Nothing causes you any worry. You find blessings in everything. Either there is surrender or worry, never both. Once you surrender, you see that Existence plans even the small things beautifully, only we don’t see it.  

The Isavasya Upanishad*, an ancient vedic* text, says, ‘The one who sees all living entities as spiritual sparks, can never have anxiety on any account!’

 Everything that happens is a spark of Existence. That is the truth.

A small story: Once a rich man met a Zen* master. He asked the master to write down something that would encourage happiness and prosperity in his family for years to come. He wanted something that the family could cherish.

The Zen* master took a large sheet of paper and wrote, ‘Father dies, son dies, and grandson dies.’

When the man saw the master’s writings, he became very angry. He said, ‘I asked you to write something that would bring prosperity and happiness to my family, but you have written such things! Why?’

The master answered, ‘If your son dies before you, it would bring unbearable grief and sadness to your family. If your grandson dies before your son, that would also bring great sorrow. If your family dies generations after generations in the order I have described, it will be true happiness and prosperity.’

Whenever your mind suffers with worry, immediately be aware that somewhere you are interpreting the ways of Existence with your own ignorant mental setup. You will then stop worrying and start doing.


* Isavasya Upanishad – One of the major and oldest vedic scriptures

* Vedic – Referring to Veda.

* Zen – Japanese Buddhist practice. Derived from dhyana, meditation.


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