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 In our normal state we are constantly in chatter. Even if we do not talk out loud to another person, as many stressed people in fact do, we talk silently within. Not only is our mind not at rest, but the thoughts it generates also take shape as a monologue or dialogue within us.

This inner chatter is what we call worry. Worry is nothing but the constantly repetitive inner negative chatter. Again and again we refer to the  

past and project it to the future by connecting all the negative things that have happened to us in the past. We then visualize the same thing happening in the future.

Left to themselves ninety percent of your worries will never materialize. I have shown this to people who have attended our courses. I tell them to write down their worries and review them six months later. All of them tell me that almost all of their worries never really happened. The ten percent that did happen was good for them!

Your strong visualization actually invites these worries to become true! If a worry constantly nags you, bring in the understanding that the worry itself is a creation of your mind. The mind itself is unreal. The connection that it makes with your thoughts is unreal. Therefore, the worry is also unreal! You can replace negative words with positive words and negative thoughts with positive thoughts. It is that easy. These words have power.

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