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How meditation helps to drop worry

 Once worry happens, we visit psychiatrists. The cause of worry is in the mind, not outside. Then how will medicine alone help?

A large number of people in the world visit psychiatrists for the treatment of worry. Medication is all right, but for psychosomatic conditions like worry, meditation is also needed.

In places such as war-torn Iran, research groups have studied the *Transcendental Meditation-Sidhi program designed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi*, a 20th century teacher from India. When meditators did the TM Sidhi program in high conflict area, the crime rates, violence, and anxiety all reduced and the quality of life around them improved dramatically!

Meditation softens you. When you soften, love and gratitude start happening in you. Then slowly, there is no room for worry. Worry is also a form of violence. It is a subtle form of violence. It is a disguised agitation in the system.

Meditation also tremendously increases awareness. When awareness increases,

outwardly you might be completely involved in the outer world, but inwardly you will be untouched by anything that happens. That is the real worry-free life.


Let me give you a simple meditation technique to drop worry and become pleasant all the time. This is a meditation to tune yourself to bliss. It can be practiced anywhere, any time, even continuously, twenty four hours a day.

Just continuously visualize that you are inhaling and exhaling bliss and light. Visualize prana*, the life giving energy, going in and out of you with each breath. Prana* is energy and bliss. It is the energy that enters and leaves us through air, which it uses as the vehicle for entry into our system. Air carries prana* into you. Life continues in you because of prana.

So whenever you inhale and exhale, visualize yourself inhaling and exhaling blissful light energy. Feel that your whole body is a beanbag filled with light. You automatically start radiating bliss instead of worry and irritation. Worry is dissolved. You start radiating love and bliss continuously.


* Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – Indian spiritual teacher and promoter of Transcendental Meditation TM. 

* Prana – Life energy or life force. 

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