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How do we decide?

 Only about ten percent of what we perceive through our senses gets recorded in our conscious mind. Everything else goes directly into our unconscious mind. This is why many times we do not even remember a place that we pass every day. So long as this sensory perception does not interest us in some way, it does not get recorded.

Let us now see what happens to those sensory perceptions that do get recorded in our conscious mind. These impressions are sorted out by parts of our mind and identified. Your conscious mind records whether the person you see in front of you is known to you or whether he is an unknown stranger. How you would like to interact with him is no longer a decision made at the conscious level. In case you know him, your attitude towards him and your action would be based on the engraved memories that are grooved in your mind. In case he is unknown to you also, the appearance of that person would trigger unconscious responses. Either way the file moves into your unconscious for a decision about what you should do.

For most of us, less than ten percent of the mind is conscious. Less than ten percent of what you perceive through your senses gets recorded consciously. It is possible that less than one percent of what you decide is a rational decision! What do we do then? Do we continue to allow our unconscious mind to control us or can we do something to regain conscious control?

There are two ways in which we can regain control. The first is to reduce the conditioning that binds us. In our meditation programs, we work on the removal and dissolution of these samskaras* that bind us. The second way is to be in the present moment, in total awareness and control.

In our Life Bliss Programs we teach techniques for both these methods. In the superconscious meditative state it is possible to relive embedded memories so that they are relieved. This allows the inner space to be cleansed. One gains the skills to reach and stay in the present moment awareness.


* Maya – Literally ‘That which is not’. It is the concept that life is but a dream, however real it may seem while being¬†experienced.

* Samskara – Engrams or deeply engraved memories.

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