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Don’t worry about others’ opinions

 Another major cause for worry is when we constantly try to conform to another’s opinion of us. The funny thing is that while we are worried about others’ opinions of us, they are worried about our opinion of them!

Society conditions us to worry about others’

opinions all the time. That is the problem.

When you are worried about what other people think, you unconsciously weaken your efforts in whatever it is you are doing. You divert a major part of your energy toward suffering and worry.

Why do you worry about others’ appreciation? Don’t bother. Just do anything totally and to the best of your ability. Leave it at that, that’s all. Only then will what you do be the best that you are capable of. In the end, you are your only stronghold. You should be clear from the beginning that you are your only stronghold. Then there is no need to worry about what others think of you.

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