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Be a lover every moment

If you become lost in every moment, you become love

 E ncounter any situation in life with deep love. Soon you will become pure love. Whether it is a person or your work or a passerby or god or anything, just encounter it with deep love for love’s sake. If you are a painter, just be completely in love with painting. If you are a dancer, be completely in love with dancing. If you are working with your computer, treat it with utmost love and become lost in it. Just be completely sincere and completely in love every moment.

If you are painting and at the same time thinking about which gallery to put up the painting in or how much to sell it for, then be very clear, you are not lost in love. You are in love only with some particular thing, which is money in this case. If you are dancing while calculating what you will get once you finish the dance, then be very clear you are not lost in love. You create more and more bondage by doing this. Even when a master happens in your life you do the same thing to him.

I tell people, ‘I am showing you the moon by pointing at it with my finger. If you look at the moon, you will experience what I experience. Instead if you cling to my finger, you will neither see the moon nor will you relax!’

If you become lost in every moment, you become love. Then, when you work you work with the utmost focus because you are in deep love with it. This way, your very life becomes a deep meditative love.

Then you start feeling, relating and respecting everything as a living being, just as you are. You even start feeling the other person’s thoughts. You start responding and relating to the other person without him or her opening up to you. You feel the cosmos as a translucent, ever-living presence. You have tremendous intelligence. You know exactly how to connect to things. Such is the power of love.

Real love keeps you in the moment. It gives you tremendous awareness. That is why it is so powerful. Nothing is as intense as being in the moment. Love is experiencing life moment to moment, in its totality. And it is not about two persons or any object. It is just love for love’s sake, that’s all. If you get a glimpse of real love experienced in the moment, you can nurture it within you and make it grow to fill your whole being and life. That spark is enough!

Then you become a wonderful creator because love energy is also creative energy. That is why poets express such creativity. They lose themselves in love and become blissful creators. Out of the freshness of the moment, the creativity happens.

The Sufi* mystic Jalaluddin Rumi* says, ‘Wherever you are, whatever your condition is, always try to be a lover!’ The whole of Existence is in a deep romance with itself. You are part of it. So it is your nature to be a lover every moment. Only by being that can you experience the real fulfillment of your original nature.


* Sufi – Mystical dimension of Islam.

* Jalaluddin Rumi – 13th century Persian Sufi poet.


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