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Love is the root of all religion

If love is known, the whole of Existence can be experienced.

 Love is the original religion. It is the root of all spirituality. All other religions are offshoots. Love is like the root of the tree and all religions are like leaves or branches. Even the greatest religions are only big branches compared to the religion of love!

Love has no temple or scripture. It is like the roots that lie beneath the ground but provide the nourishment for life. Without it, the whole tree dies. Through love many branches and leaves are created. But what do we do? We cling to the branches and leaves instead of clinging to the root. When we cling to the root, we get the direct nourishment. When we cling to the branches, we enjoy only one dimension of the nourishment. When you become more loving, you will enter the invisible temple of love.

Tree roots contain the information about all the trees in this world, just like a dewdrop contains information about all the oceans in the world. If we understand the structure of a drop of water, we will understand everything about all the oceans on earth. We will understand the compound called water itself. Water anywhere cannot be anything other than its chemical composition. That composition is ingrained in the smallest particle, and that is the dew drop.

In the same way, man is an atom of love. And love is nothing but the quality of Existence. If love is known, the whole of Existence can be experienced. Understand that the composition of man is not physical, chemical or even psychological, it is spiritual. Nobody can teach us what it is. We must experience it on our own. All other knowledge is transferable: physical, chemical, scientific and psychological. All such knowledge is easily transferable. Only spiritual knowledge is not. It cannot be taught as such, but it can be experienced!

A small story:

One day a master asked his disciples how they could tell when the night had ended and the day had begun.

One of them said, ‘When you can look in the  distance and tell whether the animal is a cow or a horse.’ The master said, ‘No.’

Another disciple said, ‘When you can look at a tree in the distance and tell if it is a pine tree or a mango tree.’ The master again said, ‘No.’

They asked the master, ‘Then what is it master?’

The master replied, ‘When you can look into the face of any man and recognize your brother in him. When you can look into the face of any woman and recognize your sister in her. If you cannot do this, then no matter what time of the day it is, it is still only night time.’

The master can give a few hints, little hints here and there. Then we must find our own way carefully, cautiously. Love is just a hint, but if we follow love slowly, very slowly, we will be surprised that god becomes more and more of a reality. He is no longer just a thought, no longer simply an idea, but something that we can feel. The deeper we go into love, the closer we come to the feeling. The day we dissolve into love we merge with unity.

Love is the secret of all religions. In spite of this, people are lost in logic and theology. Theology is as far away from religion as anything can be. There can be no logic about god, there can be only love. God is in poetry. He is in music and in dance, but never in logic.

God is not an idea that can be arrived at through logical processes. He is an interior experience, so deeply interior that one must go there absolutely alone to discover it.

From time immemorial, the conclusion of many mystics has been that matter is glued together with love. An invisible force keeps atoms and molecules together. They do not fall apart because of this invisible force. Science has yet to discover this ultimate energy. It has detected a few of its manifestations such as gravitation and electricity but these are only gross manifestations. The day that science discovers love will be the day when religion and science will commune with each other in the same language.

For now, just rejoice because love is possible. Be joyful that love is your inner potential. You can rise to the ultimate heights with love. Nothing is impossible with love because love can transform itself into god.


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