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Increased possibility for enlightenment

There is a source of energy within you that never dies, your atman* or Self. If you try to take energy by force from this source without knowing the right technique, it creates tension.

 People come and say to me, ‘I have too many fears. What can I do?’

I tell them, ‘If you have too many fears, the possibility for enlightenment is more. So many doors are available to you!’

For a person who doesn’t have too many fears, the possibility, the number of doors is also fewer because he leads a dull life. A person who leads a dull life will not have much fear. He has nothing much to lose, nothing much to decide. He is not taking many risks.

But a living being who is doing many things and making many decisions will experience fear. If you are experiencing too much fear, then so many doors are available for your enlightenment!

One more thing: only if you can open it can it be called a door. If you don’t know how to open it, then it is more like a wall. If you are experiencing too many fears in your life and if you know the right technique, all those fears can become doors and you can be liberated. Otherwise all the fears are like walls, and it is as if you are caught in a big prison.

All you need to do is, every time you feel fear, do not disrespect yourself. Do not lose confidence or condemn yourself thinking, ‘What kind of a being am I?’ Actually people who can face their fears do not have so many problems. People who are afraid of their fears create more problems for themselves. When you brood too much about your fears, you start thinking you have problems.

If you understand the true nature of fear, it can be considered a blessing. If you are courageous enough to face the fear, it can lead you to liberation.

Sometimes, just by switching your attention to

something else, you can come out of fear. But that is not fearlessness. Fearlessness means taking a quantum jump into the consciousness where you will never experience fear of losing anything!

The fears that you have about your life, be it fear of failure, fear of losing your near and dear ones, fear of losing your wealth, fear of the unknown – every fear can be used as a door to enlightenment.

Either you are filled with tension or you are filled with energy. If you are filled with tension, you are trying to take energy by force from the source within you that does not die, without knowing the technique.

There is a source of energy within you that never dies, your atman* or Self. If you try to take energy by force from this source without knowing the right technique, it creates tension.

Whenever you try to create energy in you by remembering some desire or fantasy, it is like trying to kick the door in and take the energy from the other side. You want the energy but you don’t have the patience to open the door. You can use the key to patiently open the door and allow that bliss and energy to come into your being. That key is called meditation.

Another important truth you should know:

There is something within you that never dies which is your source of energy. There is also something within you that dies, something that is actually never alive even now. The fear of death exists in you because you think there is something you have now that will be taken away from you. No! Anything that you have now, cannot be taken away. Anything that can be taken away, you never had in the first place. Anything that can die can never occupy your inner space.


 * Atman – soul, spirit, consciousness, etc., as referring to the individual imperishable energy that is a holographic image of the Cosmic Consciousness or Brahman

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