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The ultimate let go

Death is deep relaxation, the ultimate “letting go”


 e are not able to face death because we are not able to face the ever-changing nature of life. We try to hold onto things, to people, to feelings, to situations and that is where the problem starts. We are terrified of letting go, we are wary of life. The irony of the situation is this. Not only is holding on to life impossible, but the very source of the pain we seek to avoid is holding on to life.

The very source of the pain we seek to avoid is holding on to life..


A small story:         Once a master was trying to teach his youngest disciple, a little boy. The little boy used to always hold onto things he liked and get very upset or depressed if he lost his favorite object or it was taken away from him.         One day, the master gave the boy a beautiful silver coin. The boy was thrilled and took the coin. Now the master told the boy, “Son, hold it tightly in your fist and stretch your hand out.” The boy did as told. Now master said, “Relax and open your fist.”         The boy was puzzled but did as the master said. He opened his fist and the coin fell down. The master said, Now take the coin and keep it in your hand.         The boy did so. The master continued, “Now make a fist and again stretch your hand out. But this time, keep your fist facing up towards the sky.” The boy obeyed. The master then said, “Now let go and open your fist.” The boy opened the fist and there was the coin gleaming under the sun in his hands.

The master said to the boy, “Son, if you can just let go and relax trusting this Existence, the Divine who is taking care of you every moment, you can simply enjoy life.”         Look at everything happening in life with the understanding that change is the nature of life, the very reason why life is so colorful and interesting. Then you can see the mysteries of life unfold beautifully, including the ultimate mystery of death.

 Your choice to start all over again is what is called death

Death is a deep relaxation. It is the ultimate letting. It is the dropping of the old and starting with the new. When your being recognizes that it cannot achieve what it wants to through this body it decides to move on. This “moving on”, this “passing over” is what is called death.         When your brand new house becomes old after the passage of years, you either try to repair it or if that is too inconvenient and frustrating, you decide to sell the house and move into a new one. When you do this, do you feel that you are missing something? No!         In the same way when you feel that you have not lived your life totally in the way you wanted to, you leave this body to take a new one. You want to restart. Your choice to start all over again is what is called death.


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