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Miracles: the Experience & Science


Prana Prathista


How Can I Know God?

[callout title=How Can I Know God?] When you say God, you don’t know what you mean. When enlightened masters say “I”, they don’t have any…

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Become the cause of change.

Please understand, the patterns you created, the incompletions you have accumulated from time immemorial - you need to spend at least one birth to…

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SANNYAS brings out the best in YOU!

The purpose of human life is to experience total fulfilment, or ‘Completion’. To work, radiate, and shower others with that same space of…

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Awakening you to you, is SANNYAS!

Knowingly or unknowingly, directly or indirectly, society’s ignorance is harassing you, society is constantly poking at you. Every response you…

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Declare Your Freedom With SANNYAS!

Please listen to this story. There once was a lion who lived in a forest near a flock of sheep. Every day, one of the sheep would come and stand…

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SANNYAS – The Ultimate Lifestyle

After Shankara, the Hindu Philosopher, there was never an open, public discussion or invitation to become a Sannyasi in the Hindu tradition.  Now,…

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