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How Can I Know God?


How Can I Know God?
 When you say God, you don’t know what you mean.

When enlightened masters say “I”, they don’t have any meaning behind this “I”. only the Divinity speaks.

For normal man, when he says the word “God”, it is just a word, there is no meaning behind it. At the most some imagination about God, that’s all, there is no solid meaning behind that word.

But when you say “I” you have solid meaning behind it. But when you say “God” you don’t know what you mean. The emotion or the understanding is not supported by the emotion and understanding or experience.

But an enlightened being, when they say “God” it is a solid experience. And when they say “I” it has no meaning, it is just for utility.


Verse 1

īśāvāsyam idaṁ sarvaṁ yat kiñca jagatyāṁ jagat |

tena tyaktena bhuñjīthā mā gṛdhaḥ kasya svid-dhanam || 1 ||


Whatever you perceive as changeful inside and outside you,

even when you perceive as changeful inside and outside you,

It is God, Consciousness, which is beyond any change.


Verse 2 query:

What is the real agent in the individual? By whose motivation do this mind assess to its subjects? By whose engaged this breathe does function proper? By whose activation the voice does exercise in people? Who is that intangible God that engages our eyes and ears in their functions?

Verse 3 & 4 answer:

That which is the hearing of the ear, the thought of the mind, the voice of speech as also the breathing of the breath, and the sight of the eye! Past these escaping the wise, on departing from this world, become immortal.

There the eye goes not, speech goes not, nor the mind. We know not, we understand not; how one would teach It. Other, indeed, is It than the known, and moreover above the unknown.Thus have we heard of the ancients (purva) who have explained it to us.




One who knows himself to be that parabrahman that shines as the universe in the waking, dreaming, dreamless and other states, will be relieved from all bondage.

I am that Sadasiva (or the eternal happiness) who is other than the enjoyer, the enjoyed, and the enjoyment in the three seats (or bodies) and who is witness and cinmatra. All emanate from Me alone all exist in Me alone. All merge into Me alone.

I am that non-dual Brahman. I am the atom of atoms; so am I the biggest (of all). I am this diversified universe. I am the oldest of all. I am Purusa.

I am Isa (the Lord).

I am of the form of Jyotis (light) and the form of happiness. I have neither hands nor feet. I have power unthinkable. I see without eyes, I hear without ears. I am omniscient. I have one kind of form only.

NONE is able to know Me fully. I am always in the form of Cit. I am the One that should be known through all the Vedas. I am the Guru who revealed the Vedanta.

One Comment

  1. form becoming formless. being in engineering field, find the resemblance of energy in matter. it is formless. can be felt only and can assume solid liquid,and vapourous form and yet total remaining same. all engines work on the power of transformation of energy, be it refined fuel for aircraft or cars etc, and same holds for charge of mobile and related technology on ionic energy transmission and absorption, being dicrect and or alternate current. the findings or factw already exists in our ancident scriptures. time test. only the above clarification of script forgotten by us so wonderfully logically placed leading to liberation from all doubts, debats and discussions and denial of eternal truth.. third eye seems to have opened. om shanti

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