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Meditation techniques to face your fears

Physiologically and psychologically, this meditation will transform your life. This technique is not only for healing, but it can also directly open you to deeper and deeper levels of consciousness, to enlightenment.

1.    Hamsa Mantra

 This is a very powerful technique that can be used twenty-four hours a day. Whenever you are attacked by fear, just sit back and relax. Put your awareness only on your exhaling breath. Repeat the word ‘sah’ silently as you exhale, that is, with the outgoing breath. Exhaling is like relaxing and letting go anything that can die. While inhaling you will be constantly trying to hold on to something. Exhaling is like letting go. Focus on exhaling without bothering about inhaling. When you inhale, repeat ‘ham’ silently.

Place more awareness and energy on the exhalation. Help yourself exhale deeper. Let the inhalation happen automatically through the body. Place your energy, attention and effort only on exhaling.

It is a silent intonation of ‘ham…sah…., ham…sah’. Silent intonation of this hamsa mantra* will suddenly take you into the awareness, the relaxation, that never dies. Whatever can die will leave your system, your inner space.

This technique can also be practiced at other times when you are not faced by fear, while you are sitting, talking, walking, eating, even while you are sleeping. It is a very powerful technique. Constantly, all twenty four hours, place your attention on exhaling and just intone the hamsa mantra* silently as ‘hamsah’, ‘hamsah’, ‘hamsah’. When you inhale, intone ‘ham’ and when you exhale, intone ‘sah’.

Understand, when constantly intoning this mantra, it will become ajapa japa * or chanting without effort. Chanting with effort is called japa. Chanting without effort is ajapa*. It means that which goes on automatically in you. You just need to intone, that’s all. Fall in tune, that’s all. The whole day it will be resounding within you.

Whatever can die will leave your system, and you will realize that whatever can die can never be part of you. If you are identifying yourself with something that can die, that identification will be disconnected and you will be unclutched.

Whatever can never die, you will feel connected to that. Whatever cannot die is your very being. You will realize you are that which can never die, that which we call the Truth, enlightenment, Consciousness. If the intonation of the hamsa mantra* becomes ajapa* in you, you become a Paramahamsa*!

Try this technique for just three days. Whenever you remember, inhale with the silent intonation, ‘ham’. Exhale with the silent intonation, ‘sah’. Let your awareness be more on the exhalation. You will suddenly see that the fear of losing your wealth, parts of your body or your health, or your near and dear ones, or the fear of unknown and all the fears will disappear.

When your awareness is on exhaling, whatever is occupying your inner space as a part of you that can die, will simply leave your inner space. You will be liberated.

 2.    Darkness meditation

 We are born out of darkness, the darkness that exists in the mother’s womb. Darkness is not negative as we usually think. It is intense healing. It is a  motherly, positive energy.

The darkness that exists in your mother’s womb is an intense energy. It is not the empty darkness of the graveyard. It is the Whole, the energy from which you came. The darkness existing in your mother’s womb is the energy from which your body was created. It is called the causal body, the karana sharira*. The darkness is the root cause for your body. Not only that, even the sky or the space is intense darkness. Space is not intense light but intense darkness.

The vedic scriptures say that at the beginning of creation, darkness was covered by darkness. That is the beginning, the source.

Darkness is the infinite base. When you board a flight and look outside the window at night, you can understand what I mean. The space is darkness. Darkness is the only thing that is. Anything else that is added comes and goes. Understand, darkness is not negative as you have been taught. Most of us are taught darkness is death, the emptiness that happens after your death. You never realize the emptiness that existed before your birth is also darkness! Now change the understanding. Darkness is not the emptiness that happens after your

death. Darkness is the fulfillment, the creative energy before your birth, from which you took birth. This clarity can make you feel connected to darkness.

You need to first understand about darkness with more clarity and more positive understanding, only then you can do this meditation. If you are afraid of darkness, you can’t enter into this meditation.

This technique can heal four things: chronic fatigue, insomnia, oversleeping and depression. All these can be straightaway addressed and healed just by this single technique.


Total Duration: 25 minutes

Close your eyes and sit. We all know how to close our eyelids but not our eyes. Closing the eyes means to completely stop seeing inside, behind the eyelids also. Usually when you close your eyes, you start seeing many things inside you. The inner television will never be switched off, it constantly goes on!

Now close your eyes and completely stop seeing inside. Turn off the inner television!

Then you will see the intense darkness from which you were born, the darkness in your mother’s womb, the same darkness that you still carry in your inner space. Out of the same space energy in your mother’s womb, the whole world has emerged. You came out of one bit of space energy from your mother’s womb. When you came out from your mother’s womb, you had already imbibed that darkness, that space energy, into your own inner space.

If you close your eyes and stop seeing things inside, you will see intense darkness. Just be with the intense darkness for at least twenty minutes. If your mind wanders, just come back and get centered. Be with the darkness.

After twenty minutes, open your eyes and bring the same darkness outside for five minutes. With your eyes open, see the same scenes that you saw in the darkness. See the same thing with intensity. This may take up to a month of practice. But if you can see the same darkness inside and outside, you will see you are able to switch off your mind whenever you wish!

Understand, the ability to switch off your mind whenever you wish liberates you from all problems, all disorders related to the mind, whether it is insomnia, oversleeping, chronic fatigue or depression. All these things are related to the causal body or the fifth energy body in us. All diseases related to the causal body will be completely healed once you enter into the deep darkness inside and outside.

Physiologically and psychologically, this meditation will transform your life. This technique is not only for healing, but it can also directly open you to deeper and deeper levels of consciousness, to enlightenment.

3. Awareness of swadhishthana chakra

Step 1:

Remember the swadhishthana. Be aware intensely of the being center, two inches below the navel. Intensely chant the hoo kara* by producing the sound hoo, through the mouth as you exhale as loudly and as long as possible. This will create a vibration effect around your mouth. Allow any fear that comes up to come up. If you are trembling or shaking or feeling disturbed, it is ok. Intensely chant the hoo kara* mantra.

Step 2: Relax in the being center. Pure greed is intense bliss or excitement. Pure fear is intense peace. Through bliss, you can achieve. Through peace also, you can achieve. Relax into the peace, and you will see that you are completely alive!


* Hamsa mantra – Also called soham mantra, it is practised by silently intoning ‘hmmm’ while inhaling and ‘sssaaa’ while exhaling.

* Ajapa japa – Chanting a sacred chant involuntarily.

* Paramahamsa – Supreme Swan, title bestowed on enlightened beings.

* Karana sharira – Causal layer, the fifth energy layer in us, corresponding to deep sleep. The source of conditioned memories or engrams

* Hoo kara – ‘Hoo’ sound produced from the mouth during exhalation in meditation.


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